Friday, July 4, 2008

Wild and Free

Hello, have not been updating for quite some time, suddenly I have a gazillion things to do eversince I was done with my confinement. In this modern era, berpantang is not what it used to be. Even though I held on to the 40 days, I was not totally house bound. Within that period, I was out to the hospital three times, to Tesco once, to Azfar's school's Charity Bazaar, drove Azfar to music sessions twice, drove Ammar to kindy twice and ahmmnn.... that little trip to Sunway Pyramid once ;-) And as for just duduk and berbaring and bertungku and berstokin and jalan pelan pelan like Jepun? I discovered that highly IMPOSSIBBLE even LAUGHABLE with 3 boisterous boys and a baby in the house.

Well, that's over and done with. TUTUP BUKU on berpantang.

Let's take a peek at my labu lemak manis. He is sometimes seen berbaring atas katil like the pics below. Most of the time he can be seen attached to my chest. Adoi.

My three elder sons love this little baby. Azfar and Ammar will search for him first thing when they come home from school. And my third son Adam will place his favourite Ultraman figure next to the baby so that brother Azan can play with it. Oh the sweet and best things in life....... are free!

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