Monday, July 14, 2008

Cookies and Scones

The house smells nice today, I did a bit of baking following Ammar's request for chocolate chip cookies. It turned out crunchy and not too sweet, much to my liking. The boys gobbled them with milk, me with horlicks (ahha, unlikely combi). It would hv tasted better if I add in chopped roasted walnuts though but I was afraid the boys would blahh them if I did. But I did add in some Nestum.

Last Sunday I decided to bake scones as I had an intense desire to relive my afternoon tea when I was in Edinburgh. Kemaruk lah orang kata. The scone recipe is a little bit different from the usual plain scone recipe, as Philadelphia Cream Cheese was added to the dough. So my hubby said it tasted a wee bit like bagels with cream cheese. Ha ha. I thought the taste was nice albeit a bit too crispy (my fault! I know better next time). Had the scones with cream and raspberry jam. Yumm! Freshly baked, the aroma was irresistable. Coupled with Twining's Lady Grey tea. MMmmmmmm...

Tried to cajole my boys to eat them.... EEEkkkk Yucky was their answer! NYAMPAH!


Ieja said...

Wi... i love Twining's Lady Grey tea too... only during my pregnancy i'm reduced to milo... hehehe..

dikwirina said...

kan? sedap kan lady grey? sama la kita... nnti bila u can drink tea again, we must call the girls for some english tea complete with scones sandwiches and the whole lot


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