Saturday, May 14, 2011

First Qiamullail!

Huhuhu, missing my No 1 & No 2 since last night. They joined the Qiamullail program organized by the KAFA center which No 1 attends. When the flyer of the program was distributed, No 1 decided then and there that he WILL be joining and also he will bring No 2 along. Told him he needs to ask whether or not his brother would like to join in, and that he can't decide for No 2. It's called respecting other people's decision, I told him. And so he told his brother, "Awak nak pergi Qiamullail tak? Awak nak respect other people's decision ke tak?"


To my relief, No 2 jumped at the idea when explained about the program. I was amazed with them. They really do like school/outside activities. Contrary to their mom ni, when I was in school I malas nak join all these, I would prefer lepak at home doing nothing hahaha! Well, that was me :-)

And so the boys packed their bags for an overnight stay at the center. Including their pillows. And after Maghrib last night, we sent them over.

I snapped a pic of the group when they were doing Isyak prayers.

These two were watching avidly while the group was performing solat. They were keen to join in the brothers, but of course tak boleh, they are too young. When we went back home, No 3 cried, "I want to sleepover there with them" he sobbed. Told him he can do so next year if he wish. "Ok" he said but "Mummy must join in too next year with me".

"Oh, we'll see we'll see" I replied...

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