Thursday, May 12, 2011

You children are stars!!!

Owhhhh, simply have to post up pixx of the boys' gifts to me for Mother's Day this year! They would love to see them when they read my blog ;-)

This year, I get gifts from all of them, even the littlest one. Thank you sweethearts!

My No 1, No 3 and No 4 made me cards. Of course, all were done in school, under teacher's supervision. Thank you teachers..

The yellow one is from my eldest. The card was made from him with very minimal help from the teachers, he drew hearts and flowers and wrote Happy Mother's Day on the outside, and 'I love my mother. She is 36 years old. My mother likes to do work at home. Thank you'. Hehehe. So he just HAD to write the digits eh?

The small pink card with the huge red papier mâché heart on the cover was done by No 3. The red heart with stars and glitter took quite an effort. They had to make papier mâché and glued it to the card, had to let it dry a few days, then paint and decorate it. He was so proud to hand it to me. 'I did it myself, Mommy'. Thank you son. He wrote 'Mommy, you're the greatest!' on the inside of the card. Love it!

The blue one was done by my No 4, mostly done by the teacher I guess, as he's only 2 +... He signed off his name, most probably guided by the teacher ;-)

And my No 2 gave me a stalk of red rose. Artificial one though, as he said, the real rose will not last long. So practical kan!!!! ;-p

Really appreciate all the gifts and extra attention they showered me :-)

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Mummy Nana said...

Alahai...comelnya.... mesti semua berebut rebut nak bagi mummy card... :-) so sweet....

superheroes' mom said...

Mummy Nana, yup mmg berebut2 pun, and dok kempen dorang punya yg paling cantik. Hehehe ;)


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