Monday, May 16, 2011

Belly's Cottage

Received a comment from a Twitter follower who also reads my blog, last night. "I like reading your blog. It's all about FOOD!" I laughed when I read that. Because it's true! My blog is mainly about the daily happenings of my life. And, being a SAHM, my life mainly revolves around my home and my kids development and progress, our activities out which largely involves eating, and of course, my own cooking. Sometimes, when I am feeling tak malu, I will merapu about myself and my hubs. Hehe! But yes, I usually upload food pixx, as I am myself, a food fanatic. Even meet-ups with my friends, will involve a lot of food. Apart from a lot of laughter, and gossip. 

Well, you know the thing about food. It brings people together. Some of the greatest conversations and stories are shared over between meals. It really is a communal thing. For me, having a meal with my family, even just nasi with telur goreng and kicap, deserves it's own mention. Haha, melampau la tu *wink*.

Anyway, there's another makan place recently opened in our neighbourhood vicinity. It's called Belly's Cottage. Located just next to 7-11 in the D'Bayu area. Last Saturday we gave it a try, after the boys' Qiamullail Program ended.

Waiting.... waiting... waiting....

 Kids Meal available. Three choices available. Nuggets with Fries, Burger with Fries, or a Chicken set (I think. Sorry if mistaken).

I tried the Beefy Beefy Burger.
Next visit, I shall try the Yaba Baba Chicken Burger pulak ;)

Here it is! I warn you, the portion is big. I shared this with hubs. It's delizioso!
The patty is made from grounded beef. Juicy and flavorful, not artificially so, if you get my drift.

My eldest had this barbecue wings.
Their Spicy Chicken, with what looked like thick Salsa sauce, nampak sodap.
Also the Garlic chicken. Ok, will try that too next time. Erkkk!!

The sauces and cutleries kiosk.

My youngest loves that car!

Oh, and... this is the attraction at Belly's Cottage. It's soft ice-cream.
To me, it's so much better than the one at McD's.
It tastes fresh, and no preservatives too. Not too sweet, I like.

And this guy?
iP4 aje keje.
But pssstt... ok gak la. Dia suka jugak educational apps.
Phonics and Vocab and  Kenal Jawi.
Not just Angry Birds, Smurf Village and Fruit Ninja ;p

Oh, back to Belly's Cottage....... Not bad, will pay another visit. But maybe nak tunggu lama sikit, when they have ironed out some rough spots. Biasalah, kedai baru buka, kan....

Ok, tata for now. Till next time folks!


dillazag said...

Wah! Looks like yum! Is this in BJ?

superheroes' mom said...

yeap, in BJ ;)

Moi! said...

What a coincidence! Went there last night and the food is better than other fast food outlets, a bit mahal tapi i think still affordable utk sekali-sekala punya makan.

zatil said...

Had tuna and beef sandwich on Friday last week kat belly's..mmg sedap..tapi macam mahal jugak..prefer dave's deli toasted foca tuna :)

Lady Dayana said...

yess..i love to frequent your blog because of the food posts as well. And also about your adorable kids. You introduced me to Hokkaido & Serai! Thnx and keep up with the good food posts..haha

superheroes' mom said...

Moi, not bad eh? I think it will improve lagi in the future. Now still ada hiccups here n there la kan, coz still new.

superheroes' mom said...

Zatil, diff offerings Belly's and Dave's ;)

superheroes' mom said...

Dayana, owwwhhhhh.... dah lama tak pergi Hokkaido..... Ohhhhhh, cravingggg ;)

Kay Azhar said...


Saya cari maklumat berkenaan Belly's Cottage dan jumpa blog akak.

Rasa lapar baca blog akak ni. Hoho


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