Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Your Birthday, Sis! :)

Heya all!! How was your Wesak public holiday today? Oh my, it was reaaaaaalll splendid to have Tuesday off, why can't we have Tuesdays off every week? Haha. That's pushing it a wee bit too far, eh. Anyways, I know that u have been enjoying today, and some clever clogs even took Monday off, so that amounted to FOUR days off altogether including last weekend ya. Jenjalan jauh ke korang eh? Hehe. 

Oh yes yes, supposed to update about birthday lah, apa daa melalut pasal cuti pulak ni..

Ok, getting back on track. My SIL's birthday was last week, so we had a cozy little celebration over at my mommy's place. It was really a small celebration, but we had fun nevertheless. Moreover, the girls had on real party outfits hehehe. Wanna see?

Tadaaaa.... here's my SIL. She's a Glitter Glam party girl. And the cutie is her daughter, she's a Polka Bow party girl.

Here is when Polka Bow shows her irritation when she found out the Chocolate Banana cake was actually for Glitter Glam. 

Here's Glitter Glam, Mem Besar (my mom) and Tutu Fruttu party girl (my sis).
Suka hati je I nak bagi nama kan?

Some of the delectable food prepared by Mem Besar.
I made tea (Spiced Chai & Jasmine Phoenix) and we enjoyed sipping that and munching Kuih Bangkit Santan at the verandah near the garden. It was raining that evening, so it was cool and nice. To enhance the delight factor, I berpayung to my mom's pokok frangipani to pluck the frangipani blooms. Put them in a bowl of water. Only thing I do not have any ylang-ylang aromatheraphy scented candles. If not, can emulate the Balinese feel. 

Mem Besar's hybrid frangipani flowers.

Oh here's Glitter Glam, Polka Bow & Tuttu Fruttu.
Where's the blog author?


Here I am! I'm Polka Patch!

And here's my boys.... semua selebet je pakai baju duduk rumah!
They didn't wanna join in the Party Girls playing dress up!



Mamma Olyn ♥ said...

hepi besday to sis too.. hehe, comeii sungguh polka dot theme ni.. retro gitu:)

Mummy Nana said...

Happy Brthday to ur Sis... Muda nya nampak... I igt dia student lagi... rupanya dah ada baby girl dah... hehe..

Ermayum said...

cute la dear heheh but who is yr mum dress up as? nama glamornya pulak ? :)

iye yr SIL looks so younggggggggg :)

zailamohamad said...

comelnya Polka Patch tu;)

superheroes' mom said...

Mama Olyn, macih macih... ;)

superheroes' mom said...

Mummy Nana, mmg she is a young mama... but dh over 21 dah laaa.... hehehe

superheroes' mom said...

Ermayum dear, hahahhaah! My mom tanak tukar baju dear, tapi siap pakai earrings and lecu! She's Miss Muppet ;)

superheroes' mom said...

Zaila, Polka Patch comel? Hehehehe ;D


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