Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's going on around here like.

Oh my goshhhhh, I miss blogging! It has been awhile since my last post. I have, believe it or not became accustomed to the house chores that I have to devote myself to everyday. It takes a little getting used to, but all in all, no sweat lah. Cewahhh, cam baaaagus eh. Once you get the 'momentum', it's not so bad bebeh! Hehe.

But no no no, don't let my words deceive you, it's far from being 'a breeze'. Housework is hard work, as you very well know lah kan. No need for gym, I sweat buckets daily from all the exhaustive work around the house, what more in this heat! 

But, yeah, everything's under control, so to speak. I'm still jiving. That's good news right? Hahaha. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, last Labour Day weekend, we went back to my hub's hometown as his brother was getting engaged. First time traveling back to Terengganu with all my boys without a maid. Woohoo! We made it! Yeah! Not too bad really, as the elder three are mostly independent now. Just the youngest one, but he's quite a good little boy so Alhamdulillah :-)

For that short break, we managed to squeeze beach outings, Pasar Payang, kepok Losong and the best part, me and hubs managed to organize laundry duties between us both so that when we balik rumah nanti tak perlu berdepan dengan kain baju menggunung! Hehe. We hardly had any rest really on the trip. As the result of that, we were extremely DEAD tired when we arrived back home, after a 3 hours delay in bad traffic. Huhu. Patutnya boleh sampai at 7pm, but dragged on sampai 10pm.... That was awful. Ergh.

NO joke man, on Tuesday - both me and hubs macam nak demam hehe. But, the kids were hopping around energetically as per usual. Uh-huh. The vitality of youth. Believe it or not, only by Thursday I recovered from the keletihan melampau and was back hopping with my children. Hehe.

Oh oh, how was Mother's Day? I got 3 handmade cards by No1, No 3 and No 4. No 2 gave me a red rose, oh so romantic pulak Abang Ngah. Sayang semua! Oh, and I cooked my mom Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce and was so chuffed that she absolutely loved it! Weehheeeeee!! Oh now must think what to prepare for my dad third Sunday in June.

Also, yesterday was my SIL's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS! She is such a strong, smart and pretty young mama, salute! May her life be filled with happiness, laughter, beautiful things and prosperity, Ameen!

What else I want to bebel here. Oh oh, it's exam exam exam fever lah for my kiddos from now right up till the school break. Exam sekolah agama, exam sekolah kebangsaan. Mommy yang kelam-kabut. Hiks! ;p

Ok, gotta go luvlies.... 
Miss u loads.
Malam ni after the kids tidur, I nak blogwalk ke rumah2 u alls pulak. Rinduuuuu nak tau what's going on with you lot. Tata!


zarin said...

lama u menghilang..really miss u arrr
eh, what happen to your new maid? thot dah dapat itu hari kan?
labour day itu hari pun we all balik kemaman n then terus ke Kuala terengganu coz hubby's aunt passed away..penat sgt dok dlm keta from 7am till 12midnite and then the next day after breakfast terus balik kl sbb tk sanggup kena jam. sampai rumah terus tidur mcm pengsan jek :D

superheroes' mom said...

Hi Zarin!! miss u too la... my maid tu ada masalah kesihatan la pulak, kencing manis. so, we all hantar balik ke agent. pikir punya pikir decided tak nak ambik yang baru lah buat masa sekarang ni, buat poning kepalo je hehehe.
wow, dasyatnya travel dr 7am till 12 midnite, ye lah, macam2 hal kan...

zailamohamad said...

yeah, zaila pon rindu sama potpetpotpet dari you..

by the way, samerlah..zaila pon balik kg juga masa cuti hari buruh tu, jem yang amat especially di Karak highway

superheroes' mom said...

Hi Zaila!!!! Miss u too!! Oh, u pun balik kampung ye.. Mmg traffic was bad but Alhamdulillah semua selamat sampai ke destinasi pergi n balik :-)


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