Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wantan Mee, Popiah, Chappatti Keema, Nasi Ambeng!

Have you ever been to Restoran Subang Ria in Kelana Jaya? The one near Padang FAM? Well, my family have been familiar with this place for many many years. But lately, jarang dah frequent the place. Last Hari Wesak, I suddenly teringat the soft chappattis and keema sold at the resto, and urged my hubs to head there. Furthermore, the resto consists of stalls offering different variety of food, so it's easy to cater for different tastes.

Apart from the chappati, they sell delicious selection of noodles like curry mee, prawn mee, wantan mee, mushroom & chicken feet mee. There's also nasi ayam, nasi goreng, mee goreng, maggi goreng. You name it lah. You will be spoilt for choice.

Chappatti & Lamb Curry. Sangat sedap! Best in town bebeh! I like to eat it with keema.

Ahhh, the popiah. Syiok!

The wantan mee.

As we were too busy eating, I did not snap pics of the fried prawn wantan, nasi ayam and maggi goreng that we had. Next time lah ok. Oh, and the air asam boi sangat sedap ;-)

Another happy news, at least for me, is that nasi ambeng is available in my neighborhood! Yes, Kopi Kaw sells quite decent nasi ambeng. Not as nice as MakCik Ju's (who is my mom's neighbor), but good enough for me. I'm happy ;-)

Come, let's take a peek inside...

Ta daaaaaa!!!!! Not bad, eh?

Yes, now it seems I seldom post up pics of my own cooking eh? Thing is, after doing all the house chores and being cooped up in the house for days on end, my only relief is when I get to taste other people's cooking ;-) See, I'm easy, just bawak me keluar makan-makan, I'm happy already. No need for LV, Dior or Ferragamo. Hahahaha :D [but I like iPad, MacBook and such *wink wink*]

Anyways, my sons are all down with sore throat, coughing and the likes. So, for last night's dinner I made chicken soup with carrots and tatoes. Chicken soup for the soul, no? Heheh.

And for breakfast they wanted nasi goreng taknak cili, taknak sayur.

Looks unappetizing kan? But the boys bilang sedap! Thank you sweethearts! :)

Now, it's time to go. Till next time, bye bye!

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Ermayum said...

looks good belum pernah lagi makan sini :)

Merryn said...

eh, if u say 'best in town' i oso nak cuba lah! slurp!! :D

superheroes' mom said...

Ermayum, sedap chappatti and keema dia pergh power hehe. Wantan Mee dia tu dah kureng skit, org lain yg buat dh kot. Kalu nak Char Kway Teow yg power kat kedai hujung lagi satu dr kedai Subang Ria ni.

superheroes' mom said...

Merryn, sedap the chappati and lamb curry, but the curry kena minta second helping baru cukup ;)


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