Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2 Weeks Old

Heya Peps! WooHoo, darling AZaN is 2 weeks old today. That means I am also in my 14th day of confinement. Baby Azan and I understand one another better now and is comfortably settled as a team. As breast is definitely BEST, Azan is exclusively being breastfed. I am a firm believer in feeding on demand,and luckily for me my smart little tyke has a pretty set feeding pattern which is once in every 4 hours.

As a result of feeding on demand, I do not have any breast engorgement problems as the milk ducts supply just the right amount of the wonder-juice (ngee hee)whenever the bairn needs it. There is no need of mixing formulas, washing and sterilizing bottles and such and the milk is always at the right temperature. Moreover, when one breastfeed, the body produces endorphines the feel-good hormones so u feel oh-so-good and u will be singing 'I Feel Good' over and over again (ha ha ha, that is taking it a little bit too far lah)....

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The correct way to feed your babe, click to enlarge photo.

That's all for now, see u again soon :-)

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azura said...

setuju, susu ibu adalah yang terbaik.


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