Sunday, June 8, 2008

6,666 urats

I am in my 3rd week of confinement already and I have survived.... thus far.. heh heh. Seriously, I do pantang but not too strict if u get my drift. I did my berurut and bertungku and berbengkung and mandi air daun-daun for three days on the 6th day after I have given birth. But, I did not 'berparam' or 'pakai pilis', I chose not to as I felt immensely uncomfortable and I could not endure the smell of the 'param' on my skin the whole day and couldn't stand the 'pilis' pasted on my forehead especially when it dries and gets cakey.. So my mak bidan tried her hardest to conceal her horror when I gave her a flat NO when she asked, 'Betul ke awak taknak berparam berpilis ni Dikwi?' As for slathering on 'air limau purut' and 'kapur' on my tummy? I only meekly followed that ritual during berpantang for my first and second time. So, if my tummy tak kempis after my confinement period is over then u know why huh?

As for makan jamu, ubat periuk and all that, the doctor advised not to consume them as I am breastfeeding and as she said, 'Kita pun tak tau abt the safety of the products, the origin and the ingrediants they used'. Don't get me wrong, I do consume some sort of ubat2an and jamu2an for err.. 'kesihatan dalaman' but I believe that the multivites, calcium tablets and vit c tabs are enough for me at this point of time. But, I do drink air rebusan red dates, dried longan plus buah kundur as it warms and revitalizes the body. Oh, and let's not forget my favourite Pati Ikan Haruan Polleney.

As for food, I just make sure I am eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein, calcium also lots of veggies and fruits. I dont't take anything oily or spicy. Ice is a major NO NO. No gassy stuff either. I drink loadsa warm water, as I get seriously thirsty after breastfeeding. I eliminate stuff like biscuits, chocolates, cakes etc.

But there is one thing. My grandma said that 6,666 urats (urat-urat)bengkak during the process of giving birth. And some of the urats terputus also (ouch ouch), more urats putus when u deliver boys mind you and I have delivered 4 boys (MAJOR ouch). And it is of utmost importance not to strain these poor urats, that's why we have to take it easy during the confinement period. Yes, I can undersatnd the point of that. Tempoh berpantang mesti banyak berehat. Even our URAT MATA... What the keropok lekor???!!, u might say. Yes, kalau nak diikutkan, don't strain your eyes too much jugak, things like reading (HAHHH??)whatmore BLOGGING... should dijauhi or at least dikurangkan.... as I am addicted to bloghopping and the internet, I have committed the ultimate crime to my urat2 mata. Dah la I have lost my spectacles. And as a result of that, my left eye merah for over a week already. Itulah BALASAN.

And I shamefully admit, I do not have the willpower to keep my laptop in the cupboard (as my dear friend had suggested) for the remainder of my pantang. Eventho I have weak and sensitive and 'overworked' urat mata.

What to do la, Apa Nak Buat....kan? *wink*

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