Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ammar's Gifts

My second son, Ammar Najmuddin presented me with a card and a stalk of flower in a pot last Mother's Day. I know cerita ni dah lama, but tak basi lagi kan? He made the gifts in school and told me the whole process of it IN DETAIL at home. Ha ha. My Ammar the chatterbox.

The stalk of flower has glitters glued on in the shape of a heart, I love it! And look, he drew mother. He got the hair part right, he he. One arm is longer than the other, thats so cute lah.

Here, is the inside of the card, where he pasted some tiny flowers.


Not forgetting the Daddy, last Friday be brought home a Father's Day card with a photo frame with colored pebbles glued to the border.

The card is supposedly in a shape of a trophy, an award to daddy for being 'Da Man'.

The inside of the card has wordings, and hearts splattered all over. There are also the stick figures, that's all of us in the family. He also drew 3 cars, daddy's cars he said.

Ammar's gifts now takes pride of place in my glass showcase cabinet. And I can't help smiling everytime I glanced upon them.


Anonymous said...
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Kim said...
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echo machine said...

hey gebu! update lah!

dikwirina said...

eii labu, byk keje ah! sabau sabau..


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