Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 Days More!

5 days more till the end of my confinement. I am so looking forward to Monday. I know it's supposed to be 44 days but I shall stick with 40 days lah. My very modern and sporting Mom told me "Alahhhhh, 30 days pun cukuplah". But I have my grandma with me and as not to make her 'blood go upstairs' I shall wait till the end of the week. See, I am such a 'budak baik' - good girl I am. But one thing I will not compromise with is... the ahem-ahem shall have to wait till the 100th day!

Gosh, u don't know how I miss going out - by this I don't mean I miss MALLING (maybe a little), or watching movies at cineleisure, or lepakking at some uber trendy cafes & such. What I miss is the freedom that I have to take command of this household again. Where I can take charge so it doesn't run out of toilet bloo,fabric softener, flour and god forbid, cream crackers! My eldest son Azfar insits on a never-ending supply of that particular biscuit, what to do-lah.

And to be able to ferry the kids around again, no need for hubby or my dad or my mom or my bro or my sis (yes, lucky aren't I) to have to run out from the office to help with this task. Oh there's a million other things I can do when my pantang ends.

There's that reunion with my college friends! Yippee. And Azfar's swimming gala! And that trip to my hairdresser's! Just to name a few.

You know what I miss most? Can u guess?

Okay, I will tell you.

I miss going to the market. Yes u heard me. Pasar Tani, Pasar Malam, Pasaraya, Pasar Borong, u name it. It's sheer frustration when the larder and the refrigerator is not filled with the things I choose. No offence to Mr. AKO who has been filling in the role as Home Minister, he'd done a great job no doubt (eh bodek lebih). Oh to be able to go to the market again! Tak sabar... ha ha ha hah ah a haha ....

Nak beli apa kat pasar? Hmmnn, maybe these?

See the nice things which could be found at my local market? Kan?


iNa said...

betul wi...pergi pasar best..mcm2 ada...i like to go to pasar yg besar2 mcm pasar tani, pasar malam sebab i can find almost everything here & of course it's cheaper that supermarket...

littlemuffins said...


my longest pantang of berbarut and not going out only lasted for 2 weeks.. and by 1 month, I had to drive to the hosp coz MrA selalunya dh balik pergi kerja..
and i can't imagine to really berpantang sampai 40 hari.. coz frm experience 40-45 hari dh naik kplterbang balik sini..

You're lucky girl!!

cikyah 75 said...

hehe...had the same experience like little muffins.

Ieja said...

hehehhe i'm going to go through that experience soon. Not sure how it's going to be but my first experience was not so bad although i had to stay in for the first 30 days. i guess this coming one won't be that long...

dikwirina said...

i agree. with more children ur pantang days will be shorter or rather 'simplified' like what i experienced also. in the 40 days i had to attend to things which involved me driving on my own - mostly to ferry my kids around or to get things for the kids /house... but bak kata my mom, 'skarang lain,tak cam dulu - ikut yg logic aje'


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