Friday, June 13, 2008

Buku Muka

I'm sure all of you reading this is more familiar with FACEBOOK than I am. Anyhow, at long last, after all the hype had died down or at least tapered off, I got on facebook last night. Being socially inept.... cough cough... I was bewildered and admittedly a little intimidated by it all. Firstly, I don't have that many friends. Secondly, I am and always has been - a bit of a recluse since my high school days eg;(when gal pals go bf hunting at Piccadilly Tea-Dance, I go to bookshops and devour books bought in the safety of my room). Thirdly, I'm not known to be good at keeping in touch with friends though I am much much better at it now. Yessiirreee I treasure my friends like gold now (not to say that I didn't b4, u get what I mean?). So, that facebook thing seemed a little complicated to me last night and although I'm beginning to see how it works clearer at this juncture, it will still take a little getting used to.

Oh but la di da. Last night on the facebook I managed to chat with a few friends whom I haven't spoken to for more than 10 years. That's really something , isn't it? Well, to me it definitely is.

So, tak apalah. Slow & Steady kan?

On another note, tomorrow I will be committing another crime in Dunia Berpantang. I will Keluar Rumah. I'm going to my eldest son's school as it's Report Card day. No way I'm going to miss that (I'm a responsible momma and resposible mommas go for RC day faithfully). Now, I just have to figure out a strategy so that my little Azan will not disturb me for nenen sessions while I'm talking to Azfar's teachers... Hmmnn... ideas anyone?

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