Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dah Tanggal!!

Hello All! I'm 15 days old today. And mom made a big deal abt my navel.

Ladies & Gentlemen! Azan is 15 days old today and FINALLY, he 'tanggal pusat' today. It happened after I bathed him this morning, he was in a 'crawling' position as his great grandmother was giving his back a 'tuam', when I flipped him over to lie on his back on the big fluffy towel, I saw the dried up black stump, the little bit of shrivelled umbilical cord which had at last detached itself from his belly button. Wheeeeee! Azan dah 'tanggal pusat'! 15 days it took.

Are you wondering what 'tuam' means?
Yes? No?

I will show it to you in my next post. Promise.

In the meantime, more pics of my little chickadee.

2 days old

3 days old

4 days old


Ahmad Khairo said...

Let's call all the power rangers and ultramen to celebrate this fantastic achievement!! Dont forget the autobots!! Shall we order some pizza and tit bits for the celebration??

dikwirina said...

OOOhhhh Yesssss.... do lets!!
Pandainye ;-)

echo machine said...

OMG!!! I can't believe you just call that little twat Chickadee! I'M CHICKADEE!!!! ME ALONE!!

dikwirina said...

Cik Baby, u jgn tersilap. U cheekedee... its different, see?

Anonymous said...

owh! so.....cute! comelnye.....:D


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