Monday, June 9, 2008

All Quiet On The Western Front

Today is the first day of school after the 2 weeks school holiday. After the typical chaos of getting the eldest two ready for school and eat their breakfast, all was quiet in the household as the youngest two were still sleeping.

How I enjoyed the stolen moments of solitude! I felt my shoulders relax, my limbs growing heavy as I laid spread-angled on the bed, on the fluffy soft mattress with the cool air blowing from the ceiling fan. My eyes closed, my face took on a serene expression. Wahhhh, if only somebody from the spa could give me a sea-salt body scrub, it would just about make my day. I could have sworn I heard the faint balinese music playing in the background, it could just be from the back of my mind lah, but no matter. I was well and truly resting.

Too bad it was short-lived.

My little Azan stirred, frowned, fussed and signaled by turning his head and opening his mouth wide. Looking for my mammary glands no doubt.

Thus I have to flip up my shirt again. Sigh!
No rest for the weary eh? Sob Sob.

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