Saturday, June 7, 2008

Apa Ada Dengan Tuam

As promised, I will explain and show u in brief what a tuam session entails and whats in the 'bunjut'.

Tuam is basically a traditional Malay practice of warming up the body or parts of the body using a compress, usually to eliminate 'wind'. As for the tuam session for male babies, the compress is also used to warm up the scrotum as it is believed to prevent them from getting 'hernia' or 'angin pasang'.

From my personal observation after having all my four boys being subject to this ritual , i can attest that they enjoy this tuam session very much. Who wouldn't? It is indeed very much like a pampering session.

The tuam session takes place after the baby had taken a bath. The white compress (bunjut) is warmed then gently pressed to the body.

This is the compress/bunjut used. Are you wondering whats inside?

A mix of fenugreek (halba), black pepper (lada hitam), brown mustard seed (biji sawi) and dried ginger (halia kering). All known to eliminate 'wind' and are warming agents.

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