Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adam 4 Tahun-lah!

It was Adam Nasiruddin's fourth birthday celebration on the 26th of January, last Monday! Dah besar anak Mummy. Sayang dia!

American Chocolate cake, perennial favourite of many. Adam Momel is what my sister calls him.

Yes, that's the way to do it Adam. It's your birthday so demand banyak2 from your Zsu-zsu okay. After the celebration, you tell her to wash the dishes and scrub the floor okay Adam? Good boy! In reality........ my sister scrub the floor? I wish!!! he he he. Birthday food prepared by my darling Mother. Thanks Mom ;-) And thanks for hosting it also, love ya...

Here's my Mom holding BabyAzan, who wears red too that day to match with his Nena! 
Who's birthday coming up next? In February? Hmmnnn......

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