Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breakfast Like A King

Gawwwddd!! My tummy rumbles like crazy in the morning usually around 8 o'clock. More than rumbles, I swear it grooaannsss too wanting to be fed. Serious lapar gila waktu pagi , because of the breastfeeding sessions that took place at night/early morning. As a result, HARUS breakfast yang mengenyangkan. I simply cannot skip breakfast, as opposed to my dear Mr. AKO. His idea of breakfast is a cup of coffee/milo, if at all. His first meal of the day starts at lunchtime.

During the weekends, if we go to our local breakfast joint, I will be ordering ghee tosai with all the works and the most he will have is telur separuh masak and toast (!?). And when there's nasi lemak on the breakfast table, he will only eat it around 11-ish. I mean, where is the nikmat in devouring nasi lemak at 11am? Makan pepagi la my dear, with steaming hot teh tarik, kopi o atau teh o. Baru real. Kan? Makan lontong SS14 PJ pepagi pun manyak syiiiookkk ok. Lempeng ngan sambal ikan bilis ke? Uuiiiiii, nyam-nyam! Jemput2 udang and tauge plus kuchai pun best. 

Ish Ish... Eventhough I have known you since I was sixteen, I swear sometimes I cannot pahamlah u, Mr. AKO. Tak suka makan breakfast. *geleng kepala*



rd said...


Mommy yg dh takde baby breastfeeding pun makan bykk. bukan saje breakfast.. semua waktu pun makan.. hahhaha!!
Patutla Mr Ako tu slimmm jeeeee.. tak suka makan sgt ek..

Hehe :P

cikyah 75 said...

wi, kalau awal2 pagi sgt pun takleh nak makan jugak. shah pun breakfast around 9 am. a/way, jemput2 udang dgn taugeh n kucai tu memangle superb sesangat! :-)

MR AKO said...

and u always wondering how i keep my curves all these years!!!!

dikwirina said...

Rd, maintain slim tu yg heran tu sbb walaupun skip breakfast, dia dinner 2 kali!

Shah, kita ni mmg la hantu makan ek? hahahah


Baby Zulkiflie said...

bwahahahahahhaha... ako where got curvesss... zomg!!!



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