Monday, January 5, 2009

First of Many

Well, the first school day of the new school year went quite well I must say. Pheeewww!!! Ammar and Adam cried a little when they had to leave their warm blanket for the morning shower. Azfar did not have any problem waking up and going straight to the shower, yeahhh he is awesome like that! Thanks to Bibik, their toast and Milo were ready, waiting for them when they descended to the kitchen. 

Sent Ammar and Adam to kindy. Although it was Adam's first day, he had no reservations at all. Buat cam sekolah tu dia yang punya je. I think he feels at ease there as I sometimes let him tag along for his brothers taekwondo sessions on Saturdays. He even forgot to bid Mummy bye-bye...  :D 

Now, all four kiddos are asleep. I am having a little relax and chat session with Mr. AKO. I will go to sleep soon. No more late weekday nights for me. Early to bed, early to rise. And err.. early birds get best worms... 

Anyway, nite nite, sleep tight.

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