Friday, January 2, 2009

Knowledge Is Key

Three... no no... two more days before the new school term starts. I will have three schoolgoing children starting Monday the 5th of January 2009. How does it feel? Exhilarating, a little scary too I admit. My first son will be in Primary 2, my second and third ones in pre-school (Ammar in K2 and Adam in the Montessori group of 4 year olds).

The three of them are excited to start school after nearly two months of holidays. They are eager to see their friends again and for Adam, to make new friends. They even miss their teachers, and worksheets! Ammar is also talking about school food and explaining to Adam about the menu on each day. He he. No doubt they will incorporate new dishes. The kindy principal told me this morning that they have omitted meehoon goreng from the menu. Simply because Ammar developed a sudden dislike for it last year, and even vomitted after he tried to swallow the fried vermicelli. So, no meehoon this year! Yeah, they are that prihatin. That's why I pledge my eternal loyalty to them and never will I send my sons to other pre-schools. From 2004 till now 2009, Tadika Montessori Senyum Comel Bestari adalah pilihan kami *goyang tangan ala rosyam & mawi in the Alicafe tv advert*

Have bought all the necessities for the kiddies to start school. Mostly Ben-10 merchandiselah apa lagi kan. And the total that we had to fork out for their school fees this time around? Huh, no need to say lah. Boleh beli beberapa ketul beg Coach kat Pavillion tuh. Takpe lah, redha. There's no compromise when it comes to education kan? We will not or will not be able to afford to provide them riches, but education we will ensure they get. InsyaAllah, with Allah's will.

Here's to my three schoolgoing kiddos, all the best for 2009. May our mornings be frazzle-free, with smiling angelic faces looking up at me from the breakfast table. Amiinn.


aidil fariha said...

gud luck to anak sedara dan mummy and daddy to my anak sedara...hehehe...
kalu takde aral melintang pukang, eddie singgah ara dis sunday...nnt bgtau blk=)

dikwirina said...

aral melintang pukang?
ha ha ha hahah ahaha haha ha


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