Thursday, January 8, 2009

School Stories Still

Continuing with school stories la okay. Yesterday Azfar was on MC as he was having the flu. He woke up on the dot at 6.30 am. I saw his eyes opened but he did not immediately get up like usual. Then Mr. AKO informed me that Azfar is feverish and thus I called up his school teacher and told her he will not be able to attend school. By midday, he was all better and playing the DS with gutso. Alrightey then! Off he went to school this morning. He was eager to go, good boy.

Ammar and Adam went to Kindy with no fuss too. When Teacher Nadia arrived to pick them up at 8 o'clock, they were already sitting at the garden bench waiting for her. Good boys. That explains why I am feeling so good and lighthearted as I am typing this. No dahi kerut-kerut, he he. Oh both of them have Iqra' lessons at the kindy today. That means they will come home at 2 pm today. Azfar school ends at 3 pm and on certain days at 2 pm.

That leaves me, BabyAzan and Bibik at home. The house quieter than usual. A little peace for half of the day is a great energizing booster for me. There's only cooking to do. I could read the newspaper in peace and also a little daytime blogging. Bagus kan?

PS: It's only the first week of school but already there will be a birthday celebration at the Kindy tomorrow. Mr. AKO and I after being harrassed by Ammar, have bought the birthday present last night (sambil tunggu my turn to see Dr. Delaila at her clinic last night).

Ammar: Mummy, on Friday is Haziq's birthday party. The invite is in my bag.
Mummy: Oh ya ka? Ok. (nonchalant)
Ammar: Mummy. U go see la the card in my bag. And Mummy. Pls buy a present ok, from me and Adam to Haziq.
Mummy: Ok. (halfhearted)
Ammar: (Solemn) Mummy, don't forget. U always forget to buy last year. I so ashamed la Mummy my friends got presents to give and I have none. Nanti when it's my turn, nobody will buy me presents. Because u always forgot, even after I told u.
Mummy: (*wanted to defend myself by quoting the many many reasons why I couldn't get the prezzies last year. No maids to help out. New Baby. No maids. New Baby. No time. Etc.*) Okay Ammar. I'm sorry. I understand how u feel. I will make sure there will be presents for your friends. I will remember, just like the other mommies okay.
Ammar : *Smile*

Just like the other mommies, I will remember. I must remember. After all, the other mommies are also as busy as I am. They remember. So will I.

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