Monday, January 12, 2009

Splendid Saturday

Azfar Q is on MC again today. Tonsilitis, buggeroo kan. He's on Augmentin and Nurofen. Hopefully he will recover asap.

Last Saturday we went to the new Jusco Setiawangsa. Just wanted to check the place out as it's new and all. And guess what? There's a Tsuya Tsuya booth there, remember the mascara set that I mentioned in my post before? Yeah, if u want to check their range of products, u can go there.

Jusco Setiawangsa is a family friendly place I must say. It's spacious and the kids can roam about. Also, there are quite a number of family friendly restaurants. There's a food court there as well but I was not impressed with the food there (just the ones which we ordered that day, can't say about the others we did not order). Apart from that, there are many mid-range well known restaurants to cater to different tastes. Ample parking space. Theres even a small park for the kiddies to have a bit of fresh (err?) air and sunshine.

Splendid Cafe @ Jusco Setiawangsa
We checked-out a cafe named 'Splendid' which is a little bit too similar with another name brand restaurant which sells different kind of cakes (also starts with S). Here's Splendid's Iced Chocolate with whipped cream and Splendid's latte.

Fish & Chips, Splendid's version.

My yummy Passionfruit Chilled Cheesecake.

My favourite dessert a thousand times over. He he.

So we had a nice splendid Saturday. Spent time with my splendid Mr. AKO and splendid superheroes... ok ok... I better splendidly stop now before anybody get splendidly bored. Ta Ta For Now!!


Anonymous said...

i went there on thursday last week mase jln2 bosan duk kat umah klong...hehehehe...

Liyana said...

Went there a few times coz it's just a few minutes drive from home.

dikwirina said...

hmmmnnn.... so jusco setiawangsa has ready visitors, business is good in the year of the bull then eh


Anonymous said...

did't u think the portions @ Splendid measly? Certainly not value for money, methinks. The "mashed potatoes" came the size of a fifty sen coin!!

dikwi said...

eleena, my thoughts exactly!

the fish & chips macam kiddy meal je..

frugality? kah kah kah


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