Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hail the New King

King Azan Nazruddin Ibni Al-Ahmad Al-Khairo. Mana mata putih dia? Anyways, this pic was taken on new year's eve. It was about half past ten, we were at Burger King SS15 SJ having burgers and fries and onion rings. As many youngsters and the masses were mostly at 'happening' places masa tu (dataran merdeka, dataran pahlawan, and many other datarans to usher in the new year), places like Burger King SS15 was deserted. Best giler. There were only us, and another couple dining in. Macam itu tempat ana yang punya-lah *in fake malay-arab P.Ramlee style accent*

On the 1st of January 2009 itself, Mr. AKO decided to bring us to Pavillion KL. It was my very first time there. Hmmnn... dunno-lah, feels like just another mall to me. Didn't get me much excited. The same boo-ha I guess. Oh no, jaded kah?

Had a late lunch at the food court, named the Food Republic. Ha... kat sini ada rasa excited sikit. He he. Picture above: Mr. AKO's duck rice. All in all no complains, sedap. But should the duck be crispier, it would be perfect. 
I had the beef noodle soup with mango salad/som tam. Nothing to rave about. The beef noodle soup was kind of bland. Not enough noodles, too much beansprouts. The mango salad? Very biasa, like not enough ingredients. Suddenly teringat the som tam at Tesco Mergong, Alor Setar. Perrgghh, power-lah. Berapi!

Sekian laporan. Selamat malam.


AKO said...

emmmmm, roast duck rice.. gggrrrrr........ yummy...

*Azreen* said...

my mum told me, kalau budak kecil tu mata hitam dia besar (tak nampak mata putih sangat) means budak tu cerdik budak nya. :)

dikwirina said...

Mr. AKO... Peking Duck mau ka? hah hahhh

dikwirina said...

Hello Azreen!
Really??? Aamiin...


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