Thursday, January 29, 2009

Award From Pink Mama

I received a Cutest Blogger Award from Pink Mama last week. Thanks a bunch Pink Mama :)

Okay. The recipient of this award is required to:

1. Copy the Award badge (above) to be pasted in your blog. 
2. Link the person who gave you the award. 
3. State 10 facts about yourself that you wish to share with your readers. 

Here we go.... Errrr...
1. I have always loved girly and feminine things. Florals, pastels, glitter, sparkles, make-up         yada yada yada. To balance this obsession, therefore I am granted 4 boys and no girls! 

2. Pretended to be a bit of a tomboy in my primary school years, in Year 5/6. Hey, I was good at being one.

3. Am not into sports. To balance that, I am blessed with a life partner who is obsessed with all kinds of sports and is still actively playing in tournaments  - roller/ice hockey, no less! 

4. Have always been a homebody. Enjoys solitude. Allergic to nightlife as I sleep early. No to overcrowded noisy places and detest places where I am expected to mingle when I don't want to. But, crowded malls coz of sale season takpe he he.

5. Sangat suka makan-makan! Likes to experiment with all kinds/type of food (as long as its Halal)

6. Loyal to boot! Be it to a particular product or brand. Find one I love, I'll stay loyal to it!

7. Still remember the comments from ex-teachers/relatives who were shocked when I pursued a teaching degree despite my SPM results, which enabled me to take many other so called 'professional' courses. Sigh! Why? Teaching is lowly ke? Please, we are proud to be educators and we DID NOT choose teaching as a 'last resort' as many people like to believe.

8. Cannot go for facials. Kalau nak muka bengkak 2 hari 2 malam pegilah. Ya ampuns, muka gue sensitive sangat. Benci!

9. Am addicted to UK highstreet labels, and English things. Eventho I am fully aware that we were once colonized by them. My obsession worsened after my undergrad years in the UK. Earl Gray, scones, clotted cream, crumpets, Fish & Chips, crisps, Boots, Body Shop, Debenhams, Waterstones, M & S, Sainsbury, New Look, H&M, Mothercare etc etc... aiyoo...

10. Ulat Buku.

Yeayyyy...... Habis....

4. Now, I'm supposed to choose 10 recipients for this award.


Ok gals, if u have time.... buatlah ye :)

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