Monday, February 23, 2009

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Those close to me and my family, knows that my firstborn son have always been fascinated by numbers. When he was younger, whenever we go to Toys 'R' Us, he would always look for the magnetic plastic numbers, number puzzles or anything related to numbers and counting. Everything he sees around him he will relate to numbers. For example, the alphabet A - Z. This happened when he was 5 years old.

Q: Mummy, what number is K?
M: K is not a number la dear. It's an alphabet.
Q: K is 11
M: What? (Mummy scratches head)
Q: R is 18, mummy.
M: Owhhh (at last beginning to 'get it'). What about V?
Q: 22 (he answered without missing a beat)
I tested him again and again and again. He never once answered wrongly. Each time he answered promptly and confidently, without any hesitation. It was I who terkebil2 kira betul ke tak jawapan dia.

OK. That was an example. I will share other such examples in my future posts (if my brain can recall them that is, I hope so). Naturally in progression to that, his favourite subject is Mathematics. Everyday, at 4.30 pm he will go into the study room and call me in for 'tuition' time. Yeah, not the other way around ;) He will insist on doing Maths work first. And he will set a limit. He will do a total of 3 pages each time. Then he will choose another subject. It's always Maths first, then another subject. Of his own choosing. He will choose, and do his work. Like auto-pilot. I never push him, or demand that he do that. That's Azfar Q for you. He keeps me on my toes, all I want is to 'ponteng' tutoring him (not that I do much teaching pun, mostly I will sit next to him and surf the internet - ahemmnn). Here is a pic of him doing his usual 3 pages of workbook petang tadi. Yes, doing sums. 

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that my son is a Maths genius or anything. He is not doing higher level Maths or anything of the sort. Just wanted to share with you of his love for numbers and his enjoyment of doing sums. 

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