Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today I'm much calmer thank you, no trace of the psychotic mad woman of yesterday. The ride to Q's school this morning was a smooth one. Q's happy spirit and early morning chirpiness rubbed in on me. He was super excited as today was the first educational trip of the year for his school. They went to watch Geng: Upin & Ipin @ GSC KLCC. 

He enjoyed it tremendously, despite the fact that he had never watched the tv series version before. He was smiling the whole time he was telling me of his adventure today :D

Ok, so. Adam watched that movie with cousin Alissa the week it started screening. Q watched it today with his teachers and friends. Ammar je belum sempat tengok and he pointed that fact out to me thrice today. Will pakat with Mr. AKO about it nanti.

Hmmnn... the Les' Copaque Production is far from being 'kopak' now no? he he


AKO said...

Cant wait to hear his story about the movie.. must be very excited this Along hehehe.. Good for him.

dikwirina said...

see u soon dad, from all of us.


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