Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Teh Poci Melati

I sent Azfar Q early in the morning today, as Mr. AKO isn't around (usually Mr. AKO hantar, saya ambik lepas sekolah). As luck would have it, it was raining cats and dogs this morning. My eyesight is at it's poorest masa2 hujan lebat gini or waktu senja. My driving skill is more than adequate (rasanya la), but sans my eyeglasses in bad weather?I am forced to concentrate really hard on the road. Kaca mata saya screw longgar, maka kacanya tertanggal sebelah. Lady luck was certainly not smiling my way pagi tadi. Furthermore, I hardly slept what with feeding Azan and taking care of Adam who always sleep poorly when his daddy is not around. Thank goodness Q and Ammar dah besar, both slept soundly. 

Mind you, from my house to Q's school is a long way. His school is in the city. Homaigod, tersiksanya mata rabun ini terbuntang-buntang melihat jalan yang antara nampak tak nampak dek hujan selebat2nya. A few times I nearly made the wrong turning but thanks to my co-pilot who is obviously more sharp than me, I turned the right of way just in time. Thanks Q! Your photographic visual memory saved your kelam-kabut mom again.

On the way back, the rain stopped. The trees, air and earth looked fresh and new. My heart smiled. In a crazy moment of stupidity, I rolled down the car window hoping to breathe in fresh air. I nearly suffocated from exhaust fumes and carbon dioxide! Pahhhhhh!!!!! I was a fool. I could almost hear Lady Luck cruel mirthless laugh, mocking me. Dayyymmmm you la Lady Luck!!!! Huwaaaaaaaa :((((

It took me 2 hours to and fro. The traffic was bad and 2 cars turned turtle. Beautiful morning it was not. I came home and threw myself on the bed in the guest bedroom downstairs. Bibik saw the sorry state I was in and made me jasmine tea, with real tea leaves. The tea that I use sparingly sebab susah nak dapat stok dia kat sini (kat Indonesia banyak la - Teh Poci Melati). I felt a little better.

The phone rang. My dad on the line.

Dad: Hantar Q dah ke?
Me: Dah, ni baru sampai rumah. Tadi hujan lebat, tak nampak jalan and bla bla bla bla bla..... ( oh god, why oh why I slipped back to my childish self tak malu betul).
Dad: Q habis pukul berapa petang ni? It's okay, I will fetch him.
Me: Ye ke? Okay, thank you :)))


Pheww, this is a rather long post eh? Biasalah, Mr. AKO takde ni, I have nobody to layan/listen (or pretend to listen) to my pok pek pok pek. Ok ok, I gotta go. Till next time folks.


iNa said...

cuba cerita sikit pasal tea ni
best ke?
kt indon i suka cappucino Tora Bika dia. Memang kaw-kaw!

dikwirina said...

ina, wi suka tea ni. harum wangi bau bunga melati tapi bau dia tak la overpowering cam jasmine tea yg ada kt sini. segar je kalau minum. mix with gula batu for ultimate taste.

packaging dia nampak cam cikai je tapi.

Baby Zulkiflie said...

kepochi baby that is me never drinking teh poci melati.

dikwirina said...

hey,babes.good attempt at rhyming.nice leh the teh poci. pensel should try it.


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