Saturday, February 14, 2009

Purple Splendour

Mr. AKO told me to take it easy today and not run around like a headless chicken. Today I feel a lot better. Demam on Thursday plus sakit urat and Friday I had the worst headache and angin ever! I was down and out boo hoo hoo. Alhamdulillah feels much better today ;)

Yeah, main Polyvore ari nih :)
So, I chose purple theme saja je because my friend Ina adores purple. So this polyvore set is dedicated to her. Amacam Ina, ok tak?

Purple Splendour
Purple Splendour - by dikwirina on


iNa said...

hehehe...cantiknye furfle tu wi...i loooiiiikkkkeeeeee!!!
thanks for the thought :-)

MamaFaMi said...

Biar badan ada angin tapi jangan naik angin. Nanti habis semua orang kena marah... hehehe... gurau je, jangan mare! Get well soon ya...

Ahmad Khairo said...

Ina, welkam welkam. hehe

dikwirina said...

eh silap la previous comment by ahmad khairo laks... eeessehhh, silap sowwy ;D

dikwirina said...

mamafami! thnks for dropping by. wow! i have been following ur FP since u were in in Malawi. now still following ur blog :)

tu lah, InsyaAllah tak 'naik angin'... he he... angin badan jek :)


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