Monday, February 16, 2009

Nasib Ketam

Hello People! How was your weekend?Hope it was a pleasant one. Mine was quite relaxing and nice. Ammar's taekwondo class on Saturday morning was cancelled as the instructor met with an accident. He's fine but was rather traumatized(sp?) by it. Hope he is feeling much better. 

Mr. AKO and I went to Pasar Tani in the early morning and did our shopping, bought more fish and ditched the red meat. He he ni attempt nak eat healthy. Quite good selection of fish jugak lah (by Pasar Tani's standard) mana boleh lawan freshly caught seafood available at pasars along the coastal areas kan. 

Later in the evening Adam went for a movie with his cousin Alissa while Q and Ammar went to their Nena's house. We sent Bibik to my mom's jugak to give her a hand as she is bibikless now. Kesian my mom.

So Mr. AKO and I kat rumah with BabyAzan, just enjoying the rare peace and quiet :) Next day on the Sunday, I cooked spaghetti bolognaise. He he, senang aje kan. Did a little housework and just lepak. Petang sikit went to my parents' to pick up Q, Ammar and Bibik. So that was my weekend :)

Okay, today masak the ketam that my SIL bought for us.

From this
To this
Masak  Lemak Ketam.... nasib ko lah ketam!!!!

Sambal tempe and potato sikit..... Fried pomfret and vege soup didn't manage to snap (as everyday also ada fried fish and vege soup maaa...)

Ta Daaaaa.... my beverage. Red Dates and Dried Longans and Barley plus gula batu, masuk dalam slow cooker. Very energizing and good for the system this drink. Try it.


iNa said...

nak semangkuk ketam masak lemak :-)

Herobear said...

oh sedapnya...nyam.

cikyah 75 said...

Wi, iNa mintak semangkuk, saya dapat seekor pun jadila..hehehehe. Namapak sedap sungguh la, elok kuning, pekat kuah tu.

dikwirina said...

kengkawan, nanti satu hari kita kenduri ketam ye

AKO said...

isketambola la awak nih!

Baby Zulkiflie said...


Baby Zulkiflie said...

browse here;

order macam ni;

or u want me bring u to the kedai...???

dikwirina said...

of course i wanna go to the kedai. any excuse for outing with u (jiwang)....

ha ha ha ha h ha

Miss S said...

huaaaa!!! when can i cook like this??

dikwirina said...

miss s, but u have started honing your skills kan, with the yummy cupcakes, bravo!!!

soon u will be making chicken cordon bleu, don't forget to jak I makan (remember leon's frozen custard? sedap giler!)

Baby Zulkiflie said...

cool lah... boleh kita lepak makan situ... but shop will be closing frm 24th to 7th march for renovation. bila mau pigi? and bila eh the engagement tu...?


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