Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stars Shining

Mr. AKO called 5 minutes earlier informing me that the 'Old Stars' team has reached semi-finals. Wow! Congrats lah. Imagine, the team only started training a month ago about once or twice a week, all of them in their thirties. Some haven't played for years already. Some played with their old falling apart equipments, and some with borrowed ones. Played against younger teams, most in their early and mid-twenties, who trained consistently. The teams are not only from Malaysia, mind you.

Okay, good going Old Stars ;-)

Let's see whether they make it to the finals. As for being champions, errr.... a bit susah la I think (bukan sbb I pessimistic). Heard the team from KiasuLand is superfast, too fast. But to me, if the old stars have bee practising at least for the past 3 -4 months, maybe boleh 'kitai' kot bebudak tuh. Chewahhh!!!

Goooooooooo Team!!!!


azura ahmad samsudin said...

kroe mmg cam gitu, bab sukan mmg no. 1.. semoga berjaya.. jauh beribu batu ucapan nie... puhh!!!!!

dikwirina said...

aju... he he he... u r right. masa skolah dulu semua la acara dia nak masuk kan , cam kemaruk action gitu. dia punya 'semang' sampai sekarang tak hilang.

will post up photos of the tournament once i get hold of the pics.


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