Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bouncing Back!

My little potato pie dah baik dari demam selsema :) Alhamdulillah. He lost a little bit of weight though. Kesian dia. Otherwise he is back to his cheery self! And clinging to Mummy like a little kangaroo as much as ever. Now dia tak boleh kalau kelibat Mommy hilang, sebok dia terjerit-jerit. 

Do you know what he calls me? N.E.N.E.N or NEN for short. When he wants to feed he goes, NENEN! NAK! NEN NEN! Because he is such a little genius, sometimes he assimilates the two words and calls me NEK! Ha ha ha ha ha h ahha ... He calls his father DaDa and sometimes DiDi.

Now he gets up real early, at 5.45 in the morning. So he acts like a little alarm clock waking us all up. But he does not wake us up with crying. Usually he will slap my face (yeahhh, that's how much he loves me!) and place a wet kiss on my face. Then he laughs. 

He can pull himself in a standing position now but he needs to hold on to something for support. He is now 11 months old. Next month he will turn ONE! 

Little as he is, he really knows how to manipulate his 'privilege' as the youngest one. He will right out bully his brothers and the bullied brothers very graciously give in! Ha, except for his Abang Long of course. Not taking any nonsense from nobody - but he loves the little munchkin all the same. BabyAzan is the brothers' favourite source of affection. And all of them refer to him as "MY BABY". 

Ammar: Mommy, thank you for giving me 'my baby'!
Adam: Mommy Mommy! 'My baby' so hungry. Why you tak give him nenen?
AbgLong: Bukan! Azan is 'my baby'. Saya punya lah Mommy.

I Rest My Case.


cikyah 75 said...

Alahai, kesian sangat la pulak tengok badan dia susut sgt. Nampak kecut muka dia. Takpe, lepas ni, kasik naik balik pipi tu eh!

Abt NENEN, I guess, it's every baby's favourite word kot? ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi dikwi, i've been following your blog for some time tp tak tercomment pulak.. anyway, just wanna say really enjoyed reading all.. soooooo shhhweeeeeettttt listening to all the abangs' claim of babyazan ;-)


AiDiL said...


Why potato dah kecut ni? nape dah lain ni? nnt kan tak hencem macam acu la...hehehehe(prasan skit)

Pink Mama said...

Nampak susut sikit badan dia ya...the face pun dah nampak less chubby.

The brothers are so cute...calling him "My Baby"

Ni yang buat nak ada baby lagi ni.. :)

dikwirina said...

dear friends and adik ipar, tu lah tu, sedih jugak I tengok dia dah susut sangat dah. that day pegi jumpa paed dia, timbang and he only weighs 9.45kg! he was 10 kg 3 months ago. memang dia nampak lain dah muka sebab kurus. hopefully lepas ni naik balik badan , baru saya senang hati.

Miss S said...

babyazan pun baru baik sakit ke.. nenen banyak2, nanti chubby balik :)

the abangs so sweet! n hi to yo. he looks the same, only w shorter hair.

Anonymous said...


alahai shiannnn la babyazan ni.. but he's still cute!!

hahaha.. semua berebut "my baby" ;)


dikwirina said...

miss s, yo kata HI back to you. he wants to met up with u one of these days dia kata. makan subway sama2 ke? he he he

tu lah, semua stake their claim 'my baby'. kelakar je.

Miss S said...

yes! lets lets! been more than a decade!!! (mak oiii.. macam tua la pulak - sedekad! gulp!)


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