Sunday, April 12, 2009

Carl's Jr Ada Dinosaur

Went out to that shopping mall with the ice rink in Sunway. Only the three of us. The Hubster, Adam and myself. The two eldest were at my mom's. BabyAzan was sleeping soundly so we left him with his bibik. Went to the mall for two reasons : wanted to eat at Carl's Junior and wanted to go to the bookstore.

Nope, am not gonna make the Peace sign! Adam went ahead with that anyway.Gosh, I am practically a midget. All my boys will outgrow me soon. 

This boy here dari kecik mmg suka sangat soft toys. Soft toys are not just for girls kan? So, he was really happy to sit in this bear shop. The shop is so so cute. Each bear comes with a musical box , and u can pick out outfits for them. Also, u can choose the bear 'casing' and stuff it yourself. Best kan? So many types of bears and all so adorable and cutesy.

Err... eventhough he likes teddy bears and stuff, he did not request to buy any. What he wanted was the LEGO robots. He he. I coaxed him to the bookstore instead and persuaded him to get the Terrific Book of Dinosaurs that he had been eyeing before. He agreed! Yeaayyy :D So happy was he with that pop-up book that he pored over it the whole time we were in Carl's Jr.


pensel tumpul said...

Lego itself dah seronok. robots pun dah awesome by itself.

tapi LEGO ROBOTS?! perghhh..awesome kuasa dua!!!

dikwirina said...

Memang! Giler awesome Lego robots tu... Sgt menariks and tertariks.

pensel tumpul said...

lagi da bomb!


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