Friday, April 24, 2009

80% off

Really want to update on the Mj Warehouse Sale that I went to this morning, but I am dead beat lah now. Sangat-sangat letih. Went out for the whole day (not whole day shopping ok), had to attend to a host of things lah. Dah la so so panas Malaysia ni sekarang kan. 

I really really gotta go rest now, Alhamdulillah the kids are asleep already, only Mr. AKO is still out, he had to attend some dinner function something or other lah.

Ok ok, update sikit. All the things I bought at the sale were 70 - 80% off! I am so happy. I went mainly to target on the household and cosmetics & fragrances section. I was not dissappointed. All bedlinen sets for all in the family for Hari Raya 2009 dah settle! Good quality ones at only 20% of its original price. Smart shopper I am. Yeaaahhhh!!!

The cosmetics, it being the third day of the sale - yang bagus2 banyak dah out of stock (Stila, YSL, Guerlain etc) But I did get a good Guerlain compact powder at 70% off :) Yang melambak2 still all the brands like Loreal, dan yang sewaktu dengannya. A lot of choices. From RM5 onwards u can get a lot of stuff.

Okay, if u r wanting to buy parfum pour homme or pour femme, want to replenish your stock or simply want to get some new wangian, go to the sale because the PRICE is unbelievable, pls head there 2moro. Cheap! All brands Burberry, SJP, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Davidoff, Issey Miyake, Lacoste, bla bla bla bla and banyak banyak banyak lagi. All at super low prices. I am talking about more than 50% here folks. Those yang nak bertunang ke nak kawin ke thinking of hantarans, do check it out. When I was there tadi, masih ada banyak. Esok atau lusa (last 2 days) I tak tau la kan. But do try your luck. Head there early. Takyah bawak handbag. Just bring your cash or credit card or like me just my debit card. 

As for the clothes section, I cannot comment. I think there was a better selection the first two days la kot. I did not pay attention to the clothes section as my purpose was the two previously mentioned sections aje.

Oklah folks, Nite2. Gotta go, nak rebah dah.

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