Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Root Goes Deep

Who could resist A&W Root Beer? SEdaaappp... esp the Root Beer Float. Although we know it's all wrong for us, it's mostly sugar and we know too much sugar is a big NO NO! I like the new (or is it not so new?) A&W packaging. Hmmnnn... I love 'em coneys :D
Ahhhhhh... the dessert station.... Yummmm... heavenly A&W waffles and sundaes... The banana split was and still is a favourite. So nostalgic, my parents brought us here quite often during my childhood years, the drive-in was so popular back then. After the A&W meal, we would head to a park with a lake nearby. Seriously, this particular A&W should be declared a historical site! 
And now me and Mr. AKO bring our children here for our A&W fix. Somehow if at other outlets, we don't get that 'kick'. I'm sure my siblings agree with me. U know which A&W outlet this is kan?


*Azreen* said...

is this a&w PJ near amcorp mall? that is a very nostalgic place for my family too. my parents would take us there and eat in the car ala-ala flinstones style. dan lagi nostalgic, my parents used to go for dates at that same a&w too! too bad they no longer have the playground with its giant burger slide.

mm said...

Tau tau!!!!.. :D dulu2 ambik driving license pun kat sini.. lps driving test gi situ makan coney dog.. hehe

Anonymous said...

dia punya waffle mmg superb!

dikwirina said...

Azreen, yup that's the one! Nearby Taman Jaya & Padang Timur.

dikwirina said...

i had my driving test around that area jugak la, PJ New Town dan seantero dengannya. Siap ada 2 orang 'invigilator' sekali, menyampah! And then after it was over (dok berpeluh panic sgt), I found out that my dad followed me THE WHOLE duration of my driving test! Masa tu punya lah bengang, my dad had so much fun la kan. Now looking back, so funny la my dad :D

dikwirina said...

oh yes yes azreen, the giant burger slide was my younger sis and bro's favourite! had to wait for them to puas puas main before we can gerak from there each time. Those were happy times, if only i could turn back the clock


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