Monday, April 13, 2009

Rumbles in my Tum-Tums

I just got back from somewhere. Somewhere which hold the key to my future. Ha hah hah. So melodramatic. Where was I? What was it about? Well, let's just say I had to take a written test and then had to be interviewed. How was it? Well.... not that bad. Now I am feeling terribly hungry and in no right mood to cook. I want to eat with The Hubster but he is pretty tied down with something at this minute. I texted him and he said he should be free in about 2 hours. 

Well, shall I starve myself and wait for him? I could just go out and get something. Or eat the tempe and ikan masin goreng plus sayur bayam that bibik prepared. But I just feel like eating with The Hubster and sharing what went on with me this morning. Hmmnnn...

Okaylah, I shall eat a couple of buah tamar and drink water. And then wait. Urrghhh, I can be so ntah hapa hapa sometimes.


Anonymous said...


sharela apa dia :D

so dah makan ke belum ni? or masih kelaparan?


dikwirina said...

dah banyak kali makan since this post... he he ;)

nanti masa sesuai i will share the story k?

iNa said...

ha'aa, nak tau gak...hehehe


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