Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gigi T-Rex = Ngeri

Errrr... saya taknak mimpi awak lah Encik T-Rex.....Yikesss!!!

Last weekend there was an exhibition of Backyard Monsters and Dinosaurs which was held at Hall 3 Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. The tickets were priced at Rm12 (adult), Rm8 (children) and free for kids under 4 years of age. The boys saw the advert in the newspaper a week ago and have been reminding me and Mr. AKO everyday about it. They even cut the advert out and pasted it on the refrigerator so that there is no way that we would forget. Boys will be boys, bugs, creepy crawlies, monsters, raksaksa, dinosaurs are their subject of interest! Mommy ikut aje :)
Here we are outside the main entrance to the exhibition. Punyalah susah depa ni nak dok diam-diam posing kejap nak tangkap gambar. Haihhh.... Ni lah ghopa hasilnya, Adam pandang tempat lain, Ammar buat hidung kembang, Azfar senyum plastik. Haiyohh. Mommy jer maintain muka 'ketat'. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Wahhhhh..... Ammar 'hunting' mechanical dinosaurs.

Masing2 melopong ;D
Pic a tad blurry, sorry folks

EEEwwwww, the tarantula is seriously hairy!
But it was fun discovering about bugs, beetles and of course dinosaurs. Hopefully the show will be back next year, with more exhibits and hands-on activities for visitors. 


Anonymous said...

would love to visit it as well. btw, love your red tudung!

dikwirina said...

thanks! this is my only red tudung and i have been wearing it one too many times!!!


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