Sunday, April 12, 2009


Good Morning! Ahhhh... just came back from breakfast at a nearby kopitiam which served freshly baked bread. Went for breakfast with Mr. AKO after our weekly Sunday morning trip to the Pasar Tani. Wow! Sometimes I am amazed at myself. Ten years ago, I wouldn't even begin to imagine that I would be this domestic dutiful being who enjoys going to the market, excited with the prospect of fresh fish, poultry and vegetables, to cook for my big family. Yeahhh, nowadays with 4 children it's considered a 'big family'  -_- Alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah :)

My Dried Curry Mee which was only so-so. Should have ordered my usual Prawn Mee or Curry Laksa. Oh well. Lain kali tau-lah. But I was happy as I sipped my Iced Hazelnut Coffee! Oh yum.

During one of the weekdays, we had brunch at Djendela. It's located at the huge Giant Complex in KD. Was doing a little grocery shopping there and singgah to sample the food kat Djendela. That anak jati Terengganu (my hubbylah tu) wanted to sample the Nasi Dagang there.
I liked the neat decor of the place. White simple furniture with big mirrors on the walls lent a feeling of spaciousness to the place.
I liked that the eating place concentrated on a limited number of dishes. This way, they could focus on maintaining the taste and quality of the food served. Hey! Surprise Surprise! Mr. AKO quite enjoyed the Nasi Dagang there. He is so fussy when it comes to nasi dagang. Sometimes I can't help but roll my eyes in exasperation because according to him, there's nowhere in the Klang Valley that served decent nasi dagang. Please! If one wants the ultimate nasi dagang, balik la Terengganu kan. Dah namanya kat sini ni Lembah Klang. Just settle for the substitutes la kan. And everybody knows substitutes will never be as good as the real thing. So.... welll.... lighten up lah kan.... he he he he. Peace!!

Mr. AKO's Nasi Dagang Ikan Tongkol and my Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam. No complaints on my meal. Sedap. Mungkin jugak pasal pepagi lagi so the food baru masak so sedaplah kot.

Another one thing that The Hubster is fussy about. His half boiled eggs (duhh!!). It had to be 'just right'. And believe me, the art of making the perfect half boiled egg is not that simple. So it was a good thing that Djendela knew the procedure. Nyaman den raso! heh heh.

Okay peeps! Enjoy your Sunday.


Pink Mama said...

wahhh...lain kali bolehlah ajak I sekali :D

dikwirina said...

boleh boleh... pastu melencong ke ariani kot??? wooooo bahaya.....

Miss S said...

ha now i can pegi djendela. i wanted to try the nasi dagang tapi takut tak sedap. thanks for d review ;)

dikwirina said...

miss s,
makan nasik dagang tu ingat kat kitorang ek ;)
u staying in KD ke?

Miss S said...

yup, at KD. near ariani :)

dikwirina said...

miss s,
ah-ha, now i know where to find you ;D


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