Friday, April 10, 2009

The New Super Mario Bros

It is now more than 20 years since Super Mario Bros was first released. Sapa tak kenal game ni? I think semua orang tahu kan. It has world wide followers and it's appeal and presence is still going on strong until today. I remembered my parents buying the Nintendo game for my brother when I was still in my teens. I ada la jugak main Super Mario Bro game masa tu but I lagi suka tengok my adik2 main. They were hooked on it! Mau nya tidak. Cute la SMB ni!

In 2006, Nintendo launched The New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS. Cuter than ever game ni! Seronok tengok! Now it's my boys pulak yang hooked on it! They can only play their DS during weekends, and this game is a must-play for them. Not only that, they would also google it and watch it on YouTube!!!

They love it so much that their Daddy bought them  Mario T'shirts :D
Hey, look here! It's Mario :) Wheeeee...
We love SMB. Peace!

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