Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chawan, Bukit Tinggi, Satay

Had a full day with hubby and the kids yesterday. Was rather anxious and worried about taking the kids out to public places but gave in to it at last. Tawakkal mintah dijauhkan daripada kemungkinan yang tidak baik. Kids getting edgy being cooped up at home.

Had three phases of outing:
1) Breakfast with Mr Ako at Chawan Bangsar, followed with having a look see at the shops at Bangsar Village. Mr Ako was looking for some shirts and bought them at Massimo Dutti. No surprise there, I knew we were going to end up buying from there as it is his favourite store.

Pulut Kuning & Rendang Daging + Half Boiled Eggs for Mr Ako

Lontong with Sambal Sotong for me.

2) Balik rumah around 2 pm. Siap-siapkan the four Superheroes for jalan-jalan. We went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi thinking that there woudn't be that many people there. Boy, were we wrong! Ramainya manusia, and makan kat PastaMania tak sedap langsung. Bland gila pasta diorang. Lain kali tak nak pegi lagi. Saya masak pasta kat rumah lagi sedap ala ala Bella Italia.

Baby Azan patiently waiting for his brothers siap baju, lambatnya abang-abang ni!

At the mall, Azan had a brief encounter with the Huggies Giraffe. He was happy to be making a new friend ;) We went around Jusco for a bit, I bought some new cushion covers and 'balang kuih raya' for Eid. Q insisted to get new fairy lights. Every year he will make sure his Daddy pasang the fairy lights from the first day of Ramadhan ;) Excited lebih. No complaints though, the kids really do now how to memeriahkan suasana.

When we got home, Baby Azan helped gathered all the receipts and prepared to audit the damages done that day... No lah.... acah ajeeee....

3) After Maghrib, went out with Mr Ako again as he was craving for satay pulak. Went to the usual satay place near our home but masa tu lah pulak tak beroperasi brother satay tu. Chhhaiitt! Went to Seksyen 11 to get the satay. While waiting, Mr Ako teringin nak makan Nasi Goreng Kampung pulak. Ish Ish. So berdating lah kitorang kat Medan Selera Seksyen 11 tu. Mr Ako seronok pulak sebab teringat zaman2 students dulu dating makan kat situ. Ha ha ha ha..... So that was my day yesterday.

This morning, my eldest and second son have flu symptoms, so I said NO to going to school. Let them rest at home and take the necessary meds. With the immune system weakened, I dare not let them out. I am not being a paranoid mama but 57 deaths is not a small issue. And there's still no clear cut directives or measures taken by pihak berwajib. So we must decide for ourselves lah.

Okay peeps, cheerio for now.

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