Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Rosy Pick-Me-Up

Saturday mornings I love as there's no rush in the morning. But, I don't sleep in even though it's a Saturday. I am an early riser because even if I wanted to get up later than usual, I can't. My eldest Q will be up before me and he is one who will not let me sleep when he is already awake. So, Q and I are in harmony. We are the "early to bed early to rise" kind of people. Morning people, that's us!

On Saturdays, I will drive my Ammar for his taekwondo training. He is 6 and already a Green (level 2) belt holder. His training lasts about an hour, sometimes an hour an a half. I usually wait for him at a small cafe near his training place. The Cake Walk Cafe. There's free wi-fi there which is just dandy.

This morning I had the American Breakfast. I had my morning paper and my iPhone so I was cozily enjoying myself, whiling away the hour before I pick Ammar from training. Later, when we got home, I was happy to see the blooms in my little garden.

Ooopppss, this is not one of the blooms people. These were 'planted' by my kiddos. It's quite breezy in my area so the whirring fans are a source of delight for the kids especially Baby Azan.

My white Japanese Frangipani. The beauty of this plant is, it flowers non-stop. Adam usually pluck a flower and tuck it behind my ear. "Oh Mummy, you are a flower princess." Ya sangat la tu ;)

AAaahhhh, my little pink roses! See, there are more buds there. More blooms will emerge to ensnare my senses...

The scarlet ones are my favourite. I remember roses the size of my palms growing wild everywhere come spring; in my years as an undergraduate in Edinburgh. Though the ones in my garden are not nearly as big, they satisfy my vision and senses nonetheless.

The white Kemboja. My maid said the smell of the flowers at night gives her the creeps. "Ini bunga di kuburan Buk. Saya seram." Ha ha. I love the fragrance of the kemboja, especially at night. Wangi semacam. And tak seram pun ;)

Yes, the Jathropa plant. Very easy to care for. I would say zero maintenance. And it gives out red flowers continuously. Can't complain. Good Jathropa!

Mmmnnnn, thanks for accompanying me with the walk around my garden! These blooms are real pick-me-ups for me.



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