Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Revving up the old engine so to speak.

What should I write about now?
H1N1? My battle with the zits? The world's impending doom?
Or Gugu Gaga Erra? The cheeky duo Fara Fauzana & Faizal Ismail who entertained me and the kids every morning in the car from our house in BJ to their kindy in AD?

My relentless effort to convince Mr. AKO the only reason he was confused and disoriented plus tak puas hati coming out from the new Harry Potter movie was because HE DID NOT READ THE BOOK!!! I, on other hand enjoyed it tremendously. More so because one little fairy bought the Gold Class ticket for us FOC (thanks babes belanja kitorang - lain kali Platinum Class, ingat tu). Ahhh... how my three little magical friends made me proud! From Wingardium Leviosa to Levicorpus, 500 points to Griffindor!!!

Or should I write about my incessant nagging to the kiddos that buying all kinds of Transformers merchandise does not make them into real Bumblebee, Optimus Prime or Ratchet! So enough with wanting everything Transformers! I could open a Transformers museum already with all the Transformers regalia lying about the house, the garden and in the car too!! Underwear pun Transformers! I blame HASBRO!!!!

Hoookayyyy, just revving up the old engine.. So far, only managed the put put put sounds instead of the vroom vroom vroom I hoped. He he, but kira dah warm up lah ni at blogging balik. More later okay?


Pink Mama said...

You're back...yayyyy!!!

dikwirina said...

good to be back ;-)

AiDiL said...

try singgah kemaman, ade satu lagi bumblebee tersesat kat farmasi harmoni...sudah bulat daa itu budak..tidak sama dgn mama n papa die..hahahaha

dikwirina said...

Bumblebee qish! Dia dah boolat jugak ke? Ikut belah papa dia kot atau terkenan kazen2 montel kat bkt Jelutong ni


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