Monday, August 17, 2009

For The Love Of Shoes

A woman can't have too many shoes. Ah-Hah. Absolutely true, don't you think? I have yet to find a woman who doesn't care much about shoes. Maybe they care a little less, but not entirely so. I mean, who can resist really, with all the drool-worthy shoes on display, rows upon glorious rows? It's enough to get us girls salivating.

These shoes shown here are my favourites. What makes them worthy of that title? Let's find out why shall we....

My black velvet Bally pumps with diamante chain. This is a favourite because it's my HANTARAN shoes folks! I used to be a size 5 so I cannot wear them anymore. My feet expanded to a size 6 when I was pregnant with my eldest and stayed a size 6 until now. I remembered walking along Oxford Street in London with my hubby (then boyfriend) hunting for the perfect shoes for hantaran purposes. And walllaaaa..... I love this shoes even now. Mmmuaahhhsss

My Italian sweetheart, I love you so my darling. How can I explain my love affair with this pair? My super sexy super comfy Bruno Magli. Bought when hubby and I were in Milan for business (plus pleasure) trip. It was love at first sight and even more love when I slipped my feet into it, fits like a glove.

View from the back

Side view.. ha ha ha... melampau I ni kan ;) But memang nothing can beat Italian shoes la.

Oh how can I ever stop loving this shiny hot pink peep toe wedgies? The colour, the cut and style I love to death. Even more memorable because I bought it at Stradivarious in Dubai while I was holidaying with my sister ;) This honey is fun and oh so very girly.

Current favourite when I'm out on a hot date (ha ha ha) with Mr Ako. Red patent peep toe sling backs that I bought on a discount! The colour is seriously sexy. So I feel sexier lah when I'm out on those hot dates with Mr Ako! *LOL LOL*

These two babies I have never worn before but they take pride of place in my favourite section also. I bought these from my sister's e-boutique (Not Frumpy, now known as SuperBaby e-boutique) when I was pregnant with BabyAzan thinking of wearing them after my confinement period. But alas, I found that they were a tad loose by the time I was finished with my confinement. I love them as I have bought 'em from my lil sis so I will keep them safe in their respective boxes forever.

This one here my friends, I bought from a shoe shop called Summit in Aeon Bukit Tinggi. Dirt cheap too! They have a really nice collection of shoes there at very affordable prices. I doubt that this will be kept for long by me. Bila habis I lenjan, Bye bye lah yang ni but for now - it is one of my current favourites. Selesa lah pulak and I like that it is super berkilat!!

I love shoes! I know you love them too!


Liyana said...

My shoes (cheap ones..hehe) have invaded most space in the shoe rack. Kesian kasut hubby :)

Allison said...

nice bally pumps.. too bad im not a size 5

MommyCT said...

Salam...cantek canteknyeee kasuttt..geram jek nengok ni. :D

Nak follow boleh?

superheroes' mom said...

Liyana, time for a bigger shoe rack maybe? Or a room specially for shoes ;)

superheroes' mom said...

Allison, tough luck eh? he he

superheroes' mom said...

mommyCT, thanks for dropping by and sure thing dear ;)

Pink Mama said...

yes, I sure do


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