Saturday, August 29, 2009

Terengganu is Cool, If u say No then u r a Fool :p

The superheroes were ecstatic when they hear about the trip back to Terengganu. They were eager be back in their Aki and Nenek's home. Eager to breathe in the salty air by the beaches, to feel the breeze in their faces. Excited at the prospect of immeasurable amount of play time open to them in the vast expanse of Aki's front yard. Oh there were many reasons indeed why they were happy to head back. Let me show you the chronology of events they enjoyed in the last trip back east.

they could step down to Aki's front yard the moment they wake up from sleep and be greeted by the positive aura that radiates from the sun rising up from the horizons.

come nighttime, they were happy to play with paper lanterns, which Mommy then helped put up in the trees so they have a sort of Xmas tree

as it's Ramadhan, Daddy brought them to Bazaars around town and also as far as Chabang Tiga in Kuala Terengganu where there were bountiful of yummy east coast delicacies and sweet dessert treats

they get to rest and relax by the pool in some new boutique hotel resorts, even when they did not check in into the hotel :p

they get to play by the beachfront of the clean and beautifully serene Pantai Teluk Lipat which is just a stone throw's away from their Aki's house

they get to 'pau' Daddy to buy 'em toys from Toys 'R' Us even though it's a balik kampung trip, at Mesra Mall Kemasik which is near to Kerteh where Daddy first met Mummy ;p

they get to ponteng puasa and eat at Burger King Mesra Mall, where they wallop burgers and fries and drink icy drinks in front of Abg Q who puasa without fail, but did not marah them for eating in front of him

they get to visit the breathtakingly beautiful Pantai Kemasik and pose with Mommy under the blazing sun but tak panas because there was a strong breeze going on

they get to test out the cool new play area constructed at the recreation park by Kemasik Beach under the blazing sun where Mommy didn't mind at all as there was a strong breeze going on :D

they get to ride on the scooter with Aki where they take turns zooming zippily around while shrieking their heads off every other time.

Okay, those are just 10 reasons. There were many others that make them happy but I think the happiest reason is that they get to play with their cousins and spent time with their grandparents at the place where Daddy grew up in. Na na na na na Teranung Kite!!!


azura ahmad samsudin said...

out of the 10 reasons, no. 7 is the best!!

Pink Mama said...

I love Trengganu...especially sebab tepi pantai =)

superheroes' mom said...

aju, bab ponteng pose bukan main lagi budak2 nih!

superheroes' mom said...

pink mama, yes absolutely pantai terengganu mengusik jiwa :p

eikien said...

Tiba-tiba kenangan lalu terimbas kembali... KERTEH!!!

10q dear for sharing...

superheroes' mom said...

hi eikien! tu ah, kenangan zaman lampau bila kita berekreasi petang2 kat lagoon kan ;)

will upload more pics soon


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