Monday, August 24, 2009

Selamat Pagi, Wotcha Doing?

Good Morning! Third day of Puasa and this is the day when your body had adjusted to the new dining time. Also the day when the body feel energized instead of lethargic. The day when you say Let's Go! instead of Go Slow! Ngeehhhhh.... kan?

I was practically hopping around like an Energizer Bunny, and snapped the kiddos pics just as they woken up from sleep. Haaa... buat apa lepas bangun tido pagi2 ni boys???

Adam dok berguling atas katil, cuddling dgn daddy dia. Ish, manja tak habis Abg Chik ni.

BabyAzan sebok dok godek computer daddy kat atas side table tepi katil. Dia nak blogging kot?

Q serious lagi pepagi, bangun terus main PS2. Game Harry Potter kot. Abg Long tak nak mandi dulu ke?

Ammar pun serious main Nintendo DS. Ish Ish, boys and their gadgets and games. Neverending. Abg Ngah, jom la mandi. Kita nak balik kampung hari ni......

Okies folks. We will be off to Terengganu today! Will get online from time to time ok. Have a great day ahead ya ;)

To the sea to the sea
To the sea we shall be

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