Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pantai Teluk Lipat

Pantai Teluk Lipat locality is in Sura Hujung, Dungun Terengganu. It has more than 7km of pristine white sand beach. Though it is not recommended for swimming (u go to Teluk Bidara for that), it is a good place for sea fishing. However, the panorama and breezy peacefulness makes it a perfect spot for relaxing, enjoying nature's bounty or a picnic. The beachfront is clean and there are also dedicated space to play beach volleyball. The area has been spruced up much to my delight. Let's menjamu mata with some piccies I took of the beach loved by the folks of Dungun.

The kiddos enjoying the open air and the ocean breeze.

Baby Azan was ecstatic under the shade of casuarina trees, with the wind whistling sweetly.

Hunting for 'treasure' perhaps?

The G.E.N.G. The A Team. Ammar, Alissa, Azfar & Adam. 3 remaining members not depicted, Airil, Amirul and Azan of course.

Mr. Ako at peace with the sea, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Away from stress and deadlines and endless meetings. A little escapade back to his hometown seem to lift up his spirits several notches.

Coudn't take them swimming as it's Ramadhan, but they make do with the visits to the beach where they get to play a little with the sand and run around carefree.

My Adam enjoys his own company, he's like his Mummy that way ;)

The stretch of beach of Pantai Teluk Lipat, the blue sea and sky yonder brings tranquility to the weary soul.

Beach volleyball anyone? No takers huh during Ramadhan.

Fishing boats passes frequently along the shores lending a picturesque image that etched to one's memory.

Kalau bukan musim puasa, sambil beriadah di Pantai Teluk Lipat, anda boleh menikmati keropok lekor, sata, otak-otak dan gorengan yang lain yang banyak terdapat di sini. Seronok kan? Ha, apa lagi.... JOm ke DungUn ;p

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