Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Concert 2009!

Ammar & Adam's School Concert.
Saturday 15th November 2009.
9 am till 12 noon.
@ TSC, AD.

An assortment of photos taken, I select sikit ajelah ye. Nanti pengsan nak nengok semua kalu upload bebanyak ;)
Opening Act, National Anthem lah kan.
Adam & Ammar in school t'shirt.

Ammar and best friend Haziq.
They were chosen to recite the Rukunegara.
Ni masa introduce diri memasing sebelum lafaz ikrar.
Ammar recited in Bahasa Melayu and Haziq in English.

Adam with best friend Fahad.
They were chosen to sing two nursery rhymes each secara solo ;)
These two were a natural on stage... tak darah gemuruh langsung.
Gila glamourkah? hahaha

6 year olds performed a Chinese dance.
Kira these are the seniors la kan, next year they will go to different primary schools.
Some to private ones, and some to public schools.

Ammar in his element... heh he

4 year olds danced to the music from the song 'Jai-Ho' made famous from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.
They did brilliantly, bobbing around energetically in time to the beat. Cute!!!

Yeaaahhh, that's the way to do it. U show em, Adam! ;)

Too Cute!

Ammar's graduation and they received a scroll and a graduation bear each ;)

Yippeee, Adam got prizes too. That's me in the green hijab. Tolong bagi hadiah..hehe
Fuhhhhhhhh!!! It was a memorable event indeed. The carnival-like atmosphere added to the fun and it was a cheery day for all. Lepas tu LAPAAAARRRRRR gila! So we celebrated their good efforts and achievements @ San Francisco Pizza BJ. Mmg feveret place la nih.

My Olive Gamber.

Ammar's Baked Fish Pasta.

Adam's Carbonara.

Mr. Ako's Black Pepper Steak


Lady of Leisure said...

alalala.. comelnya...
last time i ikut my sis ke smart reader anak buah i.. best tgk kecik2 cute n pandai menari...

dikwi said...

tu lah kan
kalau budak kecik yang buat semua nampak comel kan?

cuba kalau kita buat? hehe

adriana az said...

bestnye..so cute.my kids tak pegi school lagi..kalo anak2 i grad preschool agaknye,mau I nagis kat depan tu..hahahah..mummy mmg emo skt pasal anak2.n'ways,congrats dear for a job well done in raising the kids.:)

dikwi said...

adriana, thanks so much for your kind words ;) i still have a loooooong way to go. as they say, a mommy's job is never done not even when the kids have become mommies/daddies themselves;)

so good luck to us!

Anonymous said...

Pizza San Francisco
Cuisine: Italian
• Non-Halal
38 Jalan USJ 10/1B Taipan Triangle USJ, Subang Jaya
Phone: 03-5621 5798

dikwi said...

Thanks anon for the info.
But the one in BJ ni ada Halal cert so macamana tu? And BJ residents are 90% Malay Muslims so is SFP so 'smart' to set up a resto here?

Anyway, next time I go I will investigate and ask the manager. All the staff are friendly with me.

P/s: my uncle used to work in SFP Taipan USJ ;)
and he never brought up this non-halal issue..... Hmmmmmm


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