Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boys Go 'Market'-ing

I usually go groceries shopping alone. One, because I can do it on weekdays morning when there's no crowd so I can shop at peace. Second, doing it alone means I could get it done fast. Third, it's therapeutic hehe. Oh yes I have always been the 'alone but not lonely' kinda girl. I enjoy my own company. Sometimes I enjoy it too much.... so thank God for my hubby and family for keeping me in balance :)

Well, sometimes I do take my boys along for these trips to the hypermarket. What usually happened was....... One, a simple one hour job can turn to two or three hours. Two, it's a whole lot 'noisier' and 'adventurous'. Third, there will always be unnecessary purchases involved ie toys etc to add to the ones at home. Fourth, it will always end up with eating ;)

Nak jual cermin mata

Mesti masuk kedai pets.

Mesti dok lama dalam kedai pets.

Mesti nak tolong tolak shopping cart.

lepas tu mesti nak main kat Playland

Mesti nak buat lawak buat mommy dia ketawa pecah perut

So now I nak pegi Pasar Tani Stadium Shah Alam. Hmmppphhhh, mesti diorang tu nak ikut lah tu. Pastu complain panaslah , penatlah.... Aisehhhhhhhh


Pink Mama said...

Dear, ni kat Giant Kota Dsara ke?

superheroes' mom said...

yes :)
usually gi marketing kat Giant/Tesco Shah Alam but sometimes pegi the ones in KD to break from routine....


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