Saturday, November 28, 2009

My New Moon Part 1

Ok so I am one of the millions of Twilight Saga ardent followers. You can say well hell yeah I'm proud of it. Because in a way it's like a global sisterhood bonding phenomena. And yes, I read all the books. Each more than once. Why I suka sangat? Well, being an English Language graduate who have studied in depth the works of Shakespeare, Sassoon, Dickinson and Wordsworth (amboi, nak berlagak ke? tak jangan prasangka k ^-^), I can tell you in technical detail why the works of Meyer appeals to me. But I'm not gonna. I'm just gonna say this - "It rocks my socks." "It rocks my boat." yeaaahhhhhhh!!

So Mr Ako bought me tixx to the first show on the 26th Nov. I enjoyed it immensely (needless to say). Of course the screenplay ada sikit perubahan dari original text tapi tak banyak, so tak nak comment banyak takut saya spoil it for readers yang belum tengok lagi. All I can say is... Edward won't disappoint, and Jacob is a spellbinder ;)))) hehe

Muka excited tapi nak control.. haha

Lepas New Moon, serbu Tokyo G. Masih di awang2 an sebenarnya masa ni hasil penangan New Moon lah

My hero Jepun...kihkih

Complimentary pudding

unagi roll... cun!

muka maintain sebab dalam otak nak tengok New Moon lagi boleh?? hah hah

dragon roll...waaahhhh

Lepas tu bergegas balik sebab nak prepare, the next day to Raya hoi hoi hoi! tee hee ;)

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