Friday, November 13, 2009

Quaint Cafe in the Quaint Little Town of KKB

My mommy grew up in KKB. She used to tell me about how frequent she went up to Fraser's Hills after school with her friends and all the fun she had growing up in the foothills of Fraser's. The funny thing is, whenever I ask her to go on a little trip up the hills now she would go "Tak naklah, bukan ada apa kat atas tu." :)

In my own opinion, KKB holds a charm like no other. It is really very............... cute. hehe. It is. Enchanting in its own quiet subtle way. None of the showy ways of other small towns made into garish tourist traps. However, there is a rather tiny matter of limited eating place in this special town of KKB. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover KKB Cake & Cafe. Had a lovely time with my mommy there last Thursday eating and chatting ;)

KKB Cake & Cafe shopfront :)

My mom with the cafe's operator

Mom's Hailam

My Cantonese Mee :)
It was good.
Happy ;)

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