Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Aqua Star Craft Nite

Last night we had such fun. We spent a nice time having a family activity. You know what? We got crafty! Initially Q wanted to prepare for his Art paper today. He was torn betwen making a wall deco paper stars or paper plate fish craft. In the end, Daddy and Q worked on a star wall deco and Mommy ended up facilitating Ammar and Adam's Aquarium ;)

Ammar and Adam's Aquarium. I showed them how to make a fish out of a muffin cup, and soon they were happily making 'em themselves. Ammar came up with the cutie jellyfish & orange crab. Adam made the blue baby fish. Mommy made the seaweed ha ha ha...

Q's Star Wall Deco. This is before the stars got coloured and decorated upon ;) Masa ni tunggu glue kering. Stars dia debab2 kan.... Mr. Ako yang supervise ni, adakan bermakna dia memang suka yang debab2 *wink* ha ha ha ha ha

Oh and this is professional Art Work ye. Raja Shahriman's. Arca ini dibuat dari BESI ye kawan-kawan. Bukan dari sponge atau kertas. Molded by the artist with his own sweat and blood. Can u imagine keringat dan tenaga yang tumpah menghasilkan hasil seni ini? Look, thats me in the pic, and the sculpture is taller and bigger than me. This is the biggest he'd done for this show, there are smaller but equally impressive ones on show juga.

"dengan kuku besi aku perangi
sifat kuat, kudrat Ilahi
Jadi aku gagah berani
berjuang untuk bebaskan diri"

Rentak Abad ke -21, Monolog-Monolog Raja Shahriman
Galeri Petronas, Suria KLCC


MommyCT said...

good activity. last nite i draw and cut a bangle for my dotter. She supposed to color it to her liking.

Pagi tadi i tengok she cut the bangle into pieces. Sabor je lahhh.

superheroes' mom said...

hehehe... well these kids mmg akan buat kita tepuk dahi sometimes kan ;)


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